Our Approach

Consilium is part of Aventum Group and harnesses the power that this brings to always make insurance better for our clients. Our front-line team is supported by a number of key central service teams who help ensure everything we do is the best it can be. Digital transformation is at the very heart of our business and we are forever focused on enhancing the trading relationship, as well as providing a rapid and seamless service to our brokers.

Service Focus

Across Consilium, we have a clear understanding that we are only as good as the service we provide. It’s why we do all we can to make life easy for the brokers we work with. Our service focuses on four distinct component parts.


We react quickly to opportunities, provide rapid access to key markets and place business efficiently.


We are deliberately open because we know it provides the best working relationships. We always share full market results with our clients.

Market Relationships

We work hard to develop and maintain our market relationships, ensuring we can always place niche business for our clients.


Unlike other wholesale brokers, we have claims expertise in-house to help negotiate fair settlement for clients’ claims.


We embrace the opportunities that the digital world brings, because we know that it will help fuel and sustain our ambitious growth trajectory over the coming years. Digital brings many opportunities and huge upside for those that are agile enough to capitalise. From using simple applications to reduce manual tasks and their associated costs, to increasing the reach of our specialist products and pricing our risks more accurately than our peers, we know how to harness and use digital.


We understand that organisations cannot simply rely on a few key individuals, it’s why we’re not afraid to invest in the quality of all our people.

Our core teams are the backbone of the wider group Aventum. Each specialist core team works in unity to provide the platform for the our continued growth. From our colleagues in Marketing who help us to communicate our appetite better with you, to our Operations & IT team who provide market leading online, quote and bind platforms or our Compliance team who are committed to treating your customers fairly, we have strength in numbers.


    “Consilium are a breath of fresh air and are absolutely leaps and bounds ahead of all wholesale brokers I know, most of which are frankly abysmal in terms of service or abilities to get anything done. Most won’t even get out of bed unless we are pumping in £50,000 cases or millions per annum! “Having been a Director, MD and CEO of various Lloyd’s brokers I have seen how poorly many brokers operate (and still do) and it wasn’t pretty. All at Consilium seem to be cut from the same cloth and are first rate. My thanks to everyone.”

    John Meredith, Managing Director of A L Risk Solutions Limited

    “Products are strong and service second to none.”

    Lea Cheesbrough, Managing Director, Movo

    “They always make us feel like an important asset, which counts for a lot. Other Lloyd’s brokers forget that with their egos. I’d always recommend them.”

    Natalie Goodson, Company Director, Robert R Goodson Ltd

    “Real, honest, up-front guys – men of their word.”

    Robin Smith, Account Director, UK Global Risk Solutions

    “With Consilium I don’t feel like I’m dealing with London. That relationship gives me confidence. They are very approachable and knowledgeable.”

    Wayne Cowley, Director, Packetts