An Appetite for the Unusual

Feb 24

From poultry catchers, to asylum seeker hotels, to tyre warehouses (and most things in between), we're here to cover the unique risks that keep your clients happy. Our appetite is wide ranging, as is the experience of our team and our access to specialist markets.

Here’s a just a handful of recent risks we have placed to highlight our ability to handle the most challenging risks, in sectors which are so often underserved by composite insurers, demonstrating how we can best assist you and your clients.

Combined Liabilities

Haulage & Storage Contractors

GBP 65,000 + IPT

Poultry Catcher

GBP 35,000 + IPT

Groundworks Contractors

GBP 150,000 + IPT

Synthetic Sports Surfaces Refurbishment/Recycling

GBP 57,850 + IPT


Asylum Seeker Hotel (London Based)

GBP 695,000 + IPT

Tyre Warehouses

GBP 60,000 + IPT

Waste & Recycling

Mothballed Waste Risk

GBP 40,000 + IPT

Metals Risk

GBP 115,000 + IPT

Professional Indemnity

Fire Detection/Protection Company

GBP 175,375 + IPT

Motor Fleet

Haulage Contractor

GBP £900,000 +IPT

Recruitment Company

GBP £180,000 + IPT

Haulage Contractor

GBP 96,000 + IPT

Groundworking Contractor

GBP 360,000 + IPT


Wealth Management Company

GBP 7,890 + IPT

Business Process Outsourcing Company

GBP 155,000 + IPT


Groundworks Contractor

GBP 100,000 + IPT

Excess of Loss

£95,000,000 xs £5,000,000 XSPL for General Builder/Civil Engineer

GBP 75,500 + IPT

For enquiries or to submit risks, please reach out to our dedicated team at:



Don’t just take our word for it...

“We have used Consilium for our London Market business for many years. Their ‘can do’ attitude and willingness to help when faced with difficult challenges is a breath of fresh air, which allows us to retain existing business and secure new business.”

We look forward to achieving more milestones together in the coming months.