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Together, we’re limitless

At Consilium, we understand that our future is driven by our brokers winning. That’s why we do everything we can to help them be the best they can be. We work tirelessly to create the right solutions, for them and their clients. We never over promise, because we understand the importance of their trust. We only hire the best people our industry has to offer, because the best people drive the best outcomes. And we forever challenge the status quo, because we know that there are always ways to do things better. Because together, we’re limitless.

"Our mission is to be the most inspiring specialty broker in the world"

James Baird & Paul Richards - Co-CEOs

100+ A-Rated markets

The breadth and strength of our market relationships enables us to deliver a wide range of niche placement specialisms

1000+ Brokers

Over 1,000 brokers benefit from our expertise, helping them win and retain more business

$500m+ GWP

With 25% growth year on year for the last five years, we now place over $500m+ of premium into Lloyd’s and the London Market


    “Consilium are a breath of fresh air and are absolutely leaps and bounds ahead of all wholesale brokers I know, most of which are frankly abysmal in terms of service or abilities to get anything done. Most won’t even get out of bed unless we are pumping in £50,000 cases or millions per annum! “Having been a Director, MD and CEO of various Lloyd’s brokers I have seen how poorly many brokers operate (and still do) and it wasn’t pretty. All at Consilium seem to be cut from the same cloth and are first rate. My thanks to everyone.”

    John Meredith, Managing Director of A L Risk Solutions Limited

    “Products are strong and service second to none.”

    Lea Cheesbrough, Managing Director, Movo

    “They always make us feel like an important asset, which counts for a lot. Other Lloyd’s brokers forget that with their egos. I’d always recommend them.”

    Natalie Goodson, Company Director, Robert R Goodson Ltd

    “Real, honest, up-front guys – men of their word.”

    Robin Smith, Account Director, UK Global Risk Solutions

    “With Consilium I don’t feel like I’m dealing with London. That relationship gives me confidence. They are very approachable and knowledgeable.”

    Wayne Cowley, Director, Packetts