Beyond Conventional Markets: Consilium’s Approach to UK Property Risks

Jul 24

Navigating the complexities and challenges of insurance requires a partner who not only understands the intricacies but also excels in delivering swift and efficient solutions.

At Consilium, we pride ourselves on being that partner, offering unparalleled expertise and an undeniable commitment to service excellence. With our extensive appetite for handling large, difficult to place risks, we are able to consider sums insured of up to £300,000,000, unafraid to tackle even the most daunting challenges head on.

From Adversity to Advantage

A key area of Consilium’s expertise lies in Distressed Property Risks. Where conventional markets often falter, our team rises to the occasion. From severe claims history and adverse financial circumstances to subsidence and flood risks, we specialise in providing achievable solutions for the seemingly impossible.

Our appetite extends to a wide range of challenging scenarios, including:

  • Properties with subsidence or underpinning issues

  • Flood prone locations

  • High-rise apartments and cladding concerns

  • Severe claims history or adverse financial history

  • Ongoing works, including cladding removal

  • Student properties

  • Unoccupied and partially unoccupied properties

  • Grade listed properties

  • Timber cladding and balconies

  • Compartmentation and fire protection

  • Thatched roofs

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

At Consilium, we understand the urgency often associated with the moving parts of insurance and our team is dedicated to providing prompt responses and specialist expertise.

As a satisfied client of ours put it, “Consilium excels in providing swift and efficient services. The team demonstrates an understanding of urgency associated with insurance matters and consistently delivers prompt responses to submissions.”

In Q2 of 2024, we provided cover arrangements for two London high rise tower blocks (Student Residential), with a total sum insured of over £200m. Both towers had Cladding aspects including on-going removal of Cladding. Despite the complexities involved, we secured a remarkable £400k+ reduction in premium, and an excess substantially lower than the incumbents offering.

Keen to Learn More?

No matter the size or complexity of your property risks, Consilium has the solution. Contact us today to discover how our expertise and commitment to excellence can turn even the most challenging risks into success stories.

Solomon Archer-Scott

Partner - Risk Solutions

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Marc Rapley

Associate Partner - Risk Solutions

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