Celebrating a New Milestone: Consilium Joins PIMFA as an Associate Member

Nov 23

We are proud to announce Consilium’s latest milestone as we become an Associate Member of the Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association (PIMFA).

A Strategic Alliance

James Baird, co-CEO at Consilium, shared his delight regarding the development. He said, “With extensive experience supporting the Wealth Management sector as a leading risk advisor and broking partner, we aim to extend this support to the wider sector. Providing educational insights and preparing the sector for potential risks is a vital aspect of our client offerings.”

Emphasising the importance of the partnership, James continued, “Collaborating with PIMFA enables our contribution to the broader sector’s success in establishing robust management practices.”

He concluded,  “Factors such as Consumer Duty, Digitalisation and Consolidation exert a substantial influence on the sector. The partnership with PIMFA is a significant alliance for Consilium and one that we take great pride in.”

Amplifying Industry Voice

PIMFA, with over 30 years of experience and expertise, stands as a recognised voice within the industry. They influence the debate on regulatory, policy and business issues with the Government, the Regulators and other key stakeholders.

Their dedication to industry learning, exploring innovative concepts and providing comprehensive support for members aligns with our ethos at Consilium

“We are delighted to welcome Consilium to PIMFA as a valued associate member. We constantly strive to bring in associates that will provide quality industry leadership and support to our member firms and are glad Consilium has decided to join.”

Richard Adler, Chief Commercial Officer of PIMFA expressed his excitement about our association

 A Shared Vision for Progress

This partnership is more than a collaboration; it is a commitment to excellence. It signifies our dedication to advancing the sector by promoting risk management practices and nurturing a community dedicated to continuous learning and growth.

At Consilium, we are excited about the possibilities this association unlocks. Our shared vision with PIMFA propels us into a future where innovation, inclusivity and excellence define the financial advisory landscape.