Consilium Joins WSIA: A Partnership for Specialist Excellence

Feb 24

We are thrilled to announce that Consilium has recently become an Associate Member of the Wholesale and Specialty Insurance Association (WSIA).

This strategic partnership with the non-profit association of insurance professionals and specialty market leaders marks a significant milestone for Consilium. Enhancing our proposition in the specialty insurance sector, the partnership will provide a variety of exciting opportunities across the US.

Toby Gorman, Senior Partner on the Delegated Risk Solutions team at Consilium, and Jamie Baker, Senior Associate on the team, are ready to nurture Consilium’s relationship with WSIA. Their industry expertise and commitment to excellence make them ideal ambassadors for our journey with the Missouri based association.

Networking Opportunities

Joining WSIA provides Consilium access to an extensive network within the speciality insurance sector. WSIA organises various events throughout the year, including conferences, seminars and workshops. These gatherings provide an ideal platform for Consilium to build valuable connections with industry peers, clients and leaders.

Networking opportunities of this calibre can lead to new business ventures and a deeper understanding of evolving market trends.

Market Expansion and Business Development

Participating in WSIA events exposes Consilium to a diverse audience, potentially expanding our market reach. As an association that brings together professionals specialising in various insurance lines, WSIA events offer Consilium a platform to showcase our expertise to a broader clientele.

Professional Development

WSIA’s commitment to continuous learning aligns with Consilium’s dedication to excellence and innovation. WSIA offers a range of educational programmes and resources to enhance the professional development of its members.

Consilium employees can take advantage of these opportunities to stay updated on industry trends, acquire new skills and access resources that contribute to their individual and collective success.

We will also look to participate in the WSIA U40 - a group of insurance professionals under 40 - which runs several events throughout the year focused on supporting, promoting and encouraging the exchange of educational information between its members.

WSIA Events

The Consilium team were delighted to attend the WSIA Annual Marketplace event in San Diego, back in September 2023. Setting an attendance record of more than 7,500 registrations, we took advantage of the fact multiple Insurers and Wholesalers were in the same place at the same time, setting up a number of highly productive meetings.

With this in mind, we look forward to being able to do the same at the Underwriting Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, in March 2024 and at the Annual Marketplace conference in September.

The Consilium team, including Toby Gorman, Jamie Baker, James Baird and Jack Anderson, will attend the WSIA Underwriting Summit in Phoenix from 3-6 March. We invite you to get in touch to schedule a meeting to explore potential collaborations.

Your participation is crucial to the success of the event and we look forward to connecting with you.