Get an Excess of Loss quote in two minutes

Dec 21

In today’s competitive retail broking landscape, it’s more important than ever that brokers are giving their clients choice when it comes to level of cover.

A client may have no intention of procuring a secondary layer of insurance protection when they begin seeking a new policy. However, being able to present this option reflects favourably on the broker’s service, and gives the client a say in how much protection they want to purchase.

It also covers the broker, if the client later asks why they weren’t made aware of extra layers of insurance that were available.

And the good news is for brokers with contractor clients, getting an Excess of Loss quote couldn’t be any quicker or easier.

Our online Excess of Loss quote and buy platform can produce an EL and PL quote for your client in under two minutes. You simply type in answers to the questions, and a quote is automatically generated.

When it’s that easy, why wouldn’t you get a quote, and it may not be as expensive as you think.

Around 50% of quotes issued by the platform are bought and bound, securing extra protection for the client through little extra work by the broker.

That’s because our quotes are highly competitive, and can cover the full spectrum of contracting tradespeople, from less risky occupations like plasterers, to higher risk jobs such as demolition workers, scaffolders, roofers, and asbestos removers.

The wide range of contractors covered is unique to Consilium, particularly our ability to secure quotes for clients involved in heatwork or wetwork.

Losses have the potential stretch very high in some of these trades, and have that secondary layer of protection can be much appreciated by the client.

Minimum premiums are available from £750, with cover available up to a £25m limit of indemnity. If the client wants to purchase the protection, the broker simply returns to the platform, clicks buy, and the policy documentation is generated and emailed through.

At Consilium, we want to make buying specialty insurance less complicated, and through our online Excess of Loss platform it really couldn’t be more straightforward.

Visit the platform here to get your instant quote.