Relaunching Asbestos Removals & Surveyors in the hard market

Nov 21

We have officially relaunched our Asbestos Removals & Surveyors product.

With all the great features that were previously provided, we are now able to accommodate

for Professional Indemnity, as well as Employers Liability and Public Liability.

There are circumstances where asbestos removers will carry out activities (such as surveying) that will require Professional Indemnity cover. Our aim was to set up a facility that allows the required covers to be accessed easily and at a competitive rate unlike any other product in the market.

Prices have escalated significantly over the last couple of years, in line with rising reinsurance costs in the class. We’re now without doubt in a hard market, and prices are continuing to rise.

The Professional Indemnity market may have felt the effects of this more than other classes of business.
In a hard market such as this, the best brokers prove their value to partners by getting creative and finding solutions that will ultimately provide a good outcome for the insurer and end client.

Our exclusive offering has been procured to offer businesses that partner with ourselves a wide range of cover in a hardening market, in the easiest manner possible, and backed by A-rated capacity.

Michael Adams

Partner - Risk Solutions

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