Reliable Protection: Consilium’s Trusted Waste and Recycling Solutions

Dec 23

At Consilium, we pride ourselves on offering more than simply insurance products - we offer solutions designed to safeguard your Waste and Recycling risks with unwavering dedication. Recently, we received feedback shedding light on areas where our service could be improved and we have taken proactive steps to elevate our offerings.

Commitment to Quality

We firmly believe in delivering value through comprehensive coverage and exceptional service. Our goal is to be the best. We prioritise offering high quality cover without compromising on the depth or breadth of protection your Waste and Recycling risks deserve.

Trust Forged Through Expertise 

Service excellence is at the core of what we do. Amidst the fluctuating landscape, we have remained constant in consistent capacity and sustainable solutions. You can count on us to respond promptly to enquiries within one working day, ensuring you have support when needed.

Increased Rating Flexibility

We have introduced increased rating flexibility without compromising the integrity of our relationships with our insurers. This enhancement allows us to offer competitive rates while maintaining the calibre of coverage that defines us.

Deep Dive into Waste and Recycling Benefits

Our Waste and Recycling product caters to a diverse range of trades and businesses, including:

  • Skip Hire

  • Metals

  • Waste Transfer Stations

  • Paper, Plastics, Cardboard (including shredding/granulation)

  • Liquid Waste

  • Medical Waste (sharps/dressings)

Our target type of risk is a generational waste business with a deep rooted commitment to their trade.

Exclusions and Ethical Considerations

While we aim to serve a wide variety of businesses, certain trades and risk factors may not always align with our values or ethical considerations. We carefully evaluate risks to maintain our commitment to integrity and quality. Declined business may include, but is not limited to, any businesses that have had two or more fires in seven years.

Coverage Snapshot

Our coverage options are robust and flexible. We provide Lloyd’s backed coverage, securing up to £10m per location, accompanied by an ‘All Risks’ wording for comprehensive protection. Additionally, through our partnership with Allianz, an A-rated security capacity provider, we can extend coverage up to £15m per location.

We are also able to consider the following trades on an open market basis with minimum premiums starting at £5,000 + IPT.

  • Anaerobic Digestion

  • MSW/Household Waste

  • Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

  • Property Owners

  • Biomass/Biogas

  • Energy from Waste

Our approach to Business Interruption Cover is adaptable and tailored to your needs. Furthermore, for enhanced risk assessment, we often recommend pre-cover surveys before reaching approximately £6m for most trades, ensuring thorough evaluation and cover.

Moving Forward

Trust and security are integral to our ethos - we have placed Waste and Recycling risks since 1996, establishing ourselves as industry experts. While others have come and gone, we persevere, providing a sustainable solution with consistent capacity. This ensures brokers and policyholders the peace of mind that they will not need to seek alternative quotes at renewal.

Consilium remains dedicated to quality service and tailored solutions for your Waste and Recycling risks. We encourage you to reach out, discuss your specific needs and witness firsthand the value Consilium can bring to your clients.

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