Specialist Industries

At Consilium, we are proud of our rich history.

Dating back to our foundation in 1996, over the years, we have honed our expertise becoming pioneers in risk management across a range of specialist industries.

Diverse Specialisms

Our journey has been marked by continuous learning, innovation and a passion for tackling challenges head-on. Our specialisms are as diverse as they are deep rooted. From creating tailored solutions for unique liabilities to being your home for complex and difficult to place risks, Consilium stands tall as a pillar of reliability and excellence.
With a portfolio expanding beyond the boundaries of conventional industries, if you don’t find your industry listed in our specialisms, fear not! We thrive on a challenge and always welcome the opportunity to explore new horizons, so be sure to get in touch.

Asbestos solutions

Asbestos Removals & Surveyors

Tailored to providing the essential coverage required when facing, or potentially facing, asbestos exposure.

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Construction risk solutions


Specialising in high-risk professions, we create custom insurance programmes tailored to specific risk exposures, whether single or multi-site projects.

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Digital finance innovation


Tailored insurance solutions designed to safeguard companies, providing flexible solutions adaptable to progressive business models.

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Comprehensive technology solutions


Safeguarding Technology professionals and companies from potential claims arising due to errors and omissions or negligence in a product or service provided.

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Reliable protection

Waste & Recycling

Robust, flexible options going beyond conventional offerings, providing dedicated solutions to safeguard Waste and Recycling risks.

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